A Muslim person was taught to be a success in their life. We have been called five times a day for success in azan;
حي على الصلاة..حي على الفلاح..
Meaning:  Let’s pray. Let’s success

Firstly, to be a successful person, we must know some tips to lead us to succeed:

Allah is Number One
· Make sure our intention is purely for Allah.
· More close to Allah by performing good work and obey all His commandment.

List down all chores
· Know well with your own times;
· Make a column between urgent and important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, not important and not urgent, and make sure to follow it;
· For example : association, meeting, study, personal matter, rest and other.

Do an exercise
· Practice every day something new until you achieve it

Be a positive
· Whatever worse thing comes to you, you should not be down by it but take it as a challenge and you can be a successful person;
· Make a friend with a positive and successful person, because it will slowly make you to be a great and kind person.

Know well weakness and strengthens
· Everyone have a weakness but it is not a barrier to you to become a success. What you should do is BEAT YOUR WEAKNESS!
· Then, improve your abilities by help the other which is weaker than you;
· Believe in yourself that you can do everything.

            Last but not least, all of us have a dream to be a successful person. We should make an effort to be one of them. Nothing is impossible if we put full effort on it. What Allah says in Qur’an :

        “Allah surely does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves...”
(Surah Ar-Ra’d: 11)
Sincerely Written by,
Nur Aqilah binti Abdul Halim,
Information And Publicities Unit,
Bureau Of Academic,

BKASM Session 2014/2015


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